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Trinity Christian Church: A Joint Venture between Christian Rights Ministries and Trinity Christian Church of Suffolk
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Trinity Christian Church
Phone: 539-7275
128 Franklin St,
Suffolk, VA 23434
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Trinity Christian Church of Suffolk is not a non-denominational church per-se but is rather a multi denominational Christian church. We have as part of the Trinity Church constitution the mantra "in essentials unity, in non-escentialls liberty and in all things charity". Christian doctrine and Denominational differences are important but should not divide the body of Christ. 1 Corinthians 1:12-13. Born again believers are by their very nature part of the Priesthood of believers 1 Peter 2:9. There is room in Christian fellowship and Christian service for all true believers in one Christian body of Christ. Trinity Christian Church enjoys Christian fellowship with Southern Baptist, Independent Baptist, Church of Christ, Methodist, Christians, Lutheran, Pentecostal and Presbyterian and Free Will Baptist We are open to and desiring to worship with believers of all denominations who acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and the only way to peace with God the father and accept the Holy Bible as the only true and infallible word of God .