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About Trinity Christian Church

Trinity Christian Church aims to leverage technology and the internet to creatively spread the good news of Christ worldwide. This includes establishing an online community and network of cell groups and home churches, who are tethered and mentored through sound doctrine. Through discipleship and relationship building, we desire to see new believers nurtured in the faith.

We invite you to subscribe to our website and get involved with our innovative online and local ministries. Be a part of what God is doing through Trinity Christian Church of Suffolk as we strive to fulfill the Great Commission. We believe the world needs churches without walls, and we need you to join us and build one! Let’s work together to further God’s Kingdom during these last days before the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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About Our Pastoral Staff

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Dr. Steve Taylor

Pastor Steve Taylor stands at the intersection of faith and law as a distinguished attorney and the senior pastor of Trinity Christian Church of Suffolk. Driven by a fervent commitment to defend the rights and beliefs of Christians, Pastor Steve leads Christian Rights Ministries, Inc., an organization dedicated to safeguarding the constitutional freedoms of individuals and groups alike.

Steve’s Doctoral Dissertation focused on unveiling Mystery Babylon and the need to awaken the church prior to the return of Jesus. A ground-breaking book, revealing the findings of his dissertation, is now in the works and will be released soon.   As the CEO and Chief Counsel of The Alliance Legal Group PLLC, Steve combines his legal expertise with his spiritual calling to champion the gospel’s message. His work testifies to his dedication to both his faith and the legal protection of religious freedoms.

You can also find Dr. Steve on his Last Days News website. There he presents analysis of current events from a biblical, end-time perspective. You will also find a wealth of news resources and links that will allow you to ditch the fake news and obtain a deeper understanding of world as it approaches the return of the Lord.

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Dr. Charles Stover

Dr. Charles (Charlie) Stover is a seasoned spiritual leader with a rich history of service, including 26 years as Pastor of Lighthouse Community Church in Norfolk, VA, and over two decades as a Professor at Providence Bible College and Theological Seminary. His dedication to teaching and pastoral care reflects his deep commitment to faith and community. Dr. Stover’s journey now continues as the Associate Pastor of Trinity Christian Church of Suffolk, VA, where he brings his wealth of experience and passion for the Gospel.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr. Stover is known for his genuine love for people, the Lord, and his dog, Gunner. His approach to ministry is marked by a heartfelt desire to connect with individuals and guide them in their spiritual journey. Dr. Stover’s life and work exemplify his devotion to spreading kindness and understanding of the Word of God.  If you would like to connect with Dr. Stover, you can speak with him directly at (757) 270-0540.

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Last Days News (LDN) is a project created by Pastor Steve Taylor who provides insightful biblical analysis of current events. In a world where news is often seen through a secular lens, LDN stands as a beacon of truth, offering a prophetic perspective on today’s headlines. Led by attorney and pastor, Dr. Steve Taylor, LDN delves into the deeper meanings, exposes the false narratives behind global events, and connects them with biblical prophecy.

Steve’s desire is to equip believers with the knowledge and understanding necessary to navigate these turbulent times. Through a mix of news analysis, Bible studies, and v-casts, LDN explores key end-time subjects such as the identity of Mystery Babylon, the timing of the rapture, and the return of Jesus. Buckle up and join Dr. Steve as he seeks to discern the signs of the times, and prepare all for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ with wisdom and insight.

* LDN is not affiliated with Trinity Christian Church of Suffolk (TCCS) or Christian Rights Ministries, Inc. (CRM). The opinions and views expressed by LDN or Steve Taylor in his individual capacity solely belong to the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of TCCS or CRM.

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